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Micelle Welton’s review of the Scottish Deerhound: http://www.yourpurebredpuppy.com/reviews/scottishdeerhounds.html
Overall, I agree with many of her comments and so this is a good link for someone who is unfamiliar with the breed.

The Scottish Deerhound Club Of America Home Page: http://www.deerhound.org/

Hoflin’s Scottish Deerhound Homepage: http://www.hoflin.com/B/ScottishDeerhound.html
Another great site about the breed

The Swiss Deerhound Club (in German): http://www.deerhound.ch/

The Deerhound Club (Great Britain): http://www.deerhound.co.uk/index.html

The Swedish Deerhound Club (in Swedish): http://www.hjorthundklubben.se/

Scottish Deerhound Club of Finland (translation in English available): http://www.sci.fi/~ejuhola/skotit/

Caoinlan Scottish Deerhounds: http://www.dashunderudel.de/