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Can. Am. Ch. Karanoff Balios - "Primo"

Can. GCh. Am. GCh. Elance Beyond the Blue (Zion)
x Am. GCh. Karanoff Pikovaya Dama

DOB September 17, 2014 - Breeder: Karen S. Klein, PhD, Union, Maine

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Primo - 5 weeks Primo - 7 weeks Primo - 5 months Primo - 2015 BCOA national - just over 6 months Primo - 11 months
5 weeks 7 weeks 5 months 6 months 11 months
Primo - Best Puppy in Specialty Primo - New American Champion Primo - New Canadian Champion Primo - watching TV Primo - watching TV
Best Puppy at PSBC New Am. Ch. New Can. Ch. Watching TV Primo's mother

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    Am. Ch. Osdow Av Fjascho, Am. JC
  Am. Ch. Wind 'N Satin Ty Slezi of Veter
    Am. DC WindNSatin Ty Kaa, Am. MC, Am. LCX
Can. GCh. Am. GCh. Elance Beyond The Blue
    Am. Ch. Elance Mystic El Cid, Am. JC
  Elance Mystic Cequilla
    Am. Ch. Elance Romanza
    Am. Ch. Mascha's Nepal of the Wild Hunt
  Am. GCh. Aashtoria Wildhunt 4 Your I's Only, Am. RA
    Am. Ch. Svora's Secret Rendezvous, Am. JC
Am. GCh. Karanoff Pikovaya Dama
    Am. DC Sylvan Seabury Virago, Am. SC
  Am. Ch. Karanoff Kikimora, Am. JC
    Am. Ch. Karanoff Lastango Joyousgard, Am. JC


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