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Savladai Borzoi began in 1969 with the purchase of Alexei of Borzova as a pet, in Vancouver British Columbia. From there they moved to Benson Lake on the north end of Vancouver Island and then to Logan Lake in the interior of B.C. Finally, in the mid-'70s, they moved to Kamloops, B.C. where they have remained.
Savladai Borzoi have made an impact on
Borzoi in Canada and in the United States.

With the acquisition of Can. Ch. Countrybar's Misdemeanor (Missy) in the early 1970s, the progress toward the Savladai Borzoi of the 1990s began.

From the breeding of Missy to Can. Am. Ch. Countrybar's China Clipper came the "Easter" litter.


Can. Ch. Savladai Easter Bonnet was bred to
Ch. Kelemark's Crom's Conquest to produce the "Autumn" litter

FrostCan. Am. Ch. Savladai Autumn Frost excelled on both the coursing field and in the show ring, ranking in the top 10 Borzoi in Canada for six years, never being shown more than seven weekends in any given year. More importantly, he was a wonderful producer, leaving his stamp on his get, especially his daughters, and winning many Best Stud Dog awards on both sides of the border.

TiffanyCan. Ch. Savladai Autumn Burnished Gold (Tiffany) was one of my favourites, not least because she was such a wonderful mother. Littersister to Frost, she too produced some wonderful progeny who live on in the current Savladai Borzoi

Dinah Can. Ch. Tanaki Savladai Dimond Forever was Frost's first daughter. Bred by Valerie Little of Tanaki Borzoi, she produced only one litter (the "Country" litter) but she slept at the foot of my bed for 13 years. I lost her just before her 14th birthday and two of her litter sisters died within a month of her passing.

AshleyCan. Ch. Savladai Surprise Witness (Ashley) was Frost's last son. In 1996 he sired two litters of puppies at Savladai (the "Wind" litter and the "Borrow" litter). Sadly, I lost Ash at the end of Jan. 2000, just a few months before he turned 12.

Savladai Borzoi are known for their happy, outgoing temperaments and sweet, loving ways. They make wonderful pets and excellent show dogs, with Savladai females excelling in the ring as well as the males - not an easy feat in this breed. Can. Ch. Savladai Country Singer (Penny), a Frost granddaughter, was the Number 5 Borzoi in Canada in 1990.

SamanthaThree years later Penny's daughter, Can. Am. Ch. Savladai Build on a Dream, FCh. (Samantha) was Number One Borzoi in Canada ... at the tender age of 20 months.

Sadly, both Samantha and her sister Lily died in June 2000 at the young age of 8, from problems with iron in the well water.

LilySam's sister Lily (Can. Ch. Savladai Build a Vision) was a star in her own right, winning multiple BPIS (all-breed). In a refresher course at a local Canadian show a few years later she won the breed two out of four shows, totally out of coat and over other Specials, both male and female. Then came her first foray into the US show rings, where she took the breed from the Bred By Exhibitor class over male Specials.

Can. Ch. Savladai Whispering Wind (Vickie), an Ashley daughter, was bred to Am. Ch. Zimistraija Mozart Play For Sv'shin, FCh. to produce the "Frosted" litter. Two youngsters from this litter (Merlin and Chilly) stood behind Vickie when she won the Best Brood Bitch class as the US National in Reno, NV in 2003.

I judged Can. Am. Ch. Chulista Klasyx Irish Moss ("Bullwinkle") at a match when he was 2 years old and ended up bringing him home with me a few months later. He sired three litters here - Formal, Repeat and Birthday.

CaitIn October 1997 the "Formal" litter arrived. They were sired by Can. Am. Ch. Chulista Klasyx Irish Moss out of Lily. The pick female, Can. Am. Ch. Savladai Formal Logic ("Caitlin") had an amazing puppy career. Living in an area with some of the top kennels in the US, she repeatedly took RWB from the puppy classes. She also took Best Puppy at the 1998 Canadian National Specialty, and first in the Bred By Exhibitor class.

DominoBrother "Domino" (Can. Am. Ch. Savladai Formal Invitation) won Best Puppy in Specialty at the Interior Gazehound Club Specialty (Borzoi breeder/judge). In only 5 trips to the US Domino took 4 majors, was undefeated in the BBE class and had 2 Best Bred By Exhibitor in Specialty wins (one at the US National in Portland, OR, 2000).

The "Formal" pups were so nice I decided to do it again, resulting in the "Repeat" litter ... and a lot of unhappy owners, having to think up names with "repeat" in them! Sam and Lily were already 6 years old, so when Sam came into season I bred her as well. Since the pups were whelped on my birthday, these are the "Birthday" pups, Tabitha & Breaker.

TabithaOn her way to her Canadian title, Tabitha took Best of Breed over Specials at a specialty.

BreakerBreaker finished in the spring of 2000, under breeder/judges and placing in the group. He was sparingly specialled, placing in the group most of the time, including a Group 1st.

CoriIn the spring of 2000, Lily was bred to Am. Ch. J.A.Y. Seabury JP Japaneski Bokhara, better known as "Bubba", to produce the Foreign litter of 3 lovely puppies. This is Can. Ch. Savladai Foreign Correspondent ("Cori"). She wasn't shown much but did win her class at the 2001 BCOA National Sweeps and placed 4th in the Bred By Exhibitor Bitch class on her 1st birthday.

GingerCan. Am. Ch. Savladai Foreign Intrigue ("Ginger"). Her most exciting win was at the Borzoi Club of Greater New York Spring Specialty where she took Winners Bitch for a 4-point major.

Because I was so pleased with the quality of the pups from Swedish bloodlines, with the help of Maureen Bardwell I imported two pups from Monika Willman of Zimistraija Borzoi in Sweden.

FonzieCan. Ch. Zimistraija Andante Savladai SV - "Fonzie" finished his Canadian championship quickly but was only shown a few times in the US, placing in both his Regular and Sweeps classes at the 2003 BCOA national. He is the sire of the Savladai "Frosted" litter and the "Rain" litter, both out of Can. Ch. Savladai Whispering Wind ("Vickie") plus two litters out of Vickie's daughter "Chilly".

SarahCan. Ch. Zimistraija Savladai Soaringvelocity - "Sarah" achieved 3 majors in the US but was short 1 point for her Am. Ch. It didn't stop her from taking an Award of Merit at the 2014 BCOA Albuquerque national a week or two before her 12th birthday! Sadly Sarah was never bred.

MerlinCan. Ch. Savladai Frosted Magician ("Merlin") got carsick every time and hated to show, so his show career was limited. Even so, he got many group placements in Canada and placed 2nd in Open dog at at the 2003 Reno National at 21 months of age.

ChillyCan. Am. Ch. Savladai Frost The Air SV'shin ("Chilly") lived with Terry & Scott Doane, SVershin Borzoi. She took first place in the Junior Puppy class at the 2002 BCOA national specialty in Atlanta, GA and 3rd place in the Open Bitch class at the 2003 BCOA national specialty in Reno, NV. She finished her US title easily and her Canadian title even more quickly, including a Group 1st win.

ChachiCan. Ch. Savladai Talking Rain ("Chachi) sired one litter for his owner Debbie Quinn of Squamish, BC, producing Can. Ch. Karizma Savladai Ricky Ricardo.

AmyCan. Ch. Savladai Misty Rain ("Amy"). Her most exciting win was at the Borzoi Club of Greater New York Spring Specialty where she took Winners Bitch for a 4-point major.

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