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Savladai Easter Psalm - "Nicky"

Can. Am. Ch. Countrybar's China Clipper x Can. Ch. Countrybar's Misdemeanor

DOB: March 25, 1978


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    Am. Ch. Adage Duncan, CD
  Sirhan Wilolea Teryoshka
    Springett Shere Vanity
Can. Am. Ch. Countrybar's China Clipper - VIDEO
    Am. Ch. Duncan's Shandan of Lazy Acres
  Lazy Acres' Veiled Pagan
    Rhonda Duncan
    Shandan's Brutus
  Babar of Countrybar
    Lazy Acres' Veiled Pagan
Can. Ch. Countrybar's Misdemeanor - VIDEO
    Sirhan Wilolea Teryoshka
  Sirhan Tsarelsa
    Can. Ch. Sirhan Pleshka


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