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Savladai Easter Psalm - "Nicky"

Can. Am. Ch. Countrybar's China Clipper x Can. Ch. Countrybar's Misdemeanor

DOB: March 25, 1978


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    Am. Ch. Adage Duncan, CD
  Sirhan Wilolea Teryoshka
    Springett Shere Vanity
Can. Am. Ch. Countrybar's China Clipper
    Am. Ch. Duncan's Shandan of Lazy Acres
  Lazy Acres' Veiled Pagan
    Shandan's Brutus
  Babar of Countrybar
    Lazy Acres' Veiled Pagan
Can. Ch. Countrybar's Misdemeanor
    Sirhan Wilolea Teryoshka
  Sirhan Tsarelsa
    Can. Ch. Sirhan Pleshka


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