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Litter #9 - "Country"

Am. Ch. Izod's Magnum x Can. Ch. Tanaki Savladai Dimond Forever, TT

Whelped: June 23, 1988


Can. Ch. Savladai Country Singer - "Penny"

Savladai High Country Hooligan - "Beatrice"

Savladai Country Gentleman - "Higgins"

Savladai Country Squire - "TC"

Savladai Country Boy - "Baby Rascal"


(Click the "pink" names to see pictures or pages. Click "VIDEO" to see a video.)

    Am. Can. Ch. Majenkir Gyrfalcon
  Can. Am. Ch. Majenkir Charadei of Jantar - VIDEO
    Am. Ch. Majenkir Pegeen
Am. Ch. Izod's Magnum - VIDEO
    Can. Am. Ch. Troykov's Noble Thunderbird - VIDEO
  Kenai's Telkeetna
    Troykov's Sea Gypsy
    Can. Ch. Kelemark's Crom's Conquest - VIDEO
  Can. Am. Ch. Savladai Autumn Frost - VIDEO
    Can. Ch. Savladai Easter Bonnet - VIDEO
Can. Ch. Tanaki Savladai Dimond Forever, TT - VIDEO
    Can. Ch. Sirhan Fadeyev
  Can. Ch. Chernigov Tanya Valcliff
    Can. Ch. Majenkir Astarte


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