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Litter #9 - "Country"

Am. Ch. Izod's Magnum x Can. Ch. Tanaki Savladai Dimond Forever, TT

Whelped: June 23, 1988


Can. Ch. Savladai Country Singer - "Penny"

Savladai High Country Hooligan - "Beatrice"

Savladai Country Gentleman - "Higgins"

Savladai Country Squire - "TC"

Savladai Country Boy - "Baby Rascal"


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    Am. Can. Ch. Majenkir Gyrfalcon
  Can. Am. Ch. Majenkir Charadei of Jantar
    Am. Ch. Majenkir Pegeen
Am. Ch. Izod's Magnum
    Can. Am. Ch. Troykov's Noble Thunderbird
  Kenai's Telkeetna
    Troykov's Sea Gypsy
    Can. Ch. Kelemark's Crom's Conquest
  Can. Am. Ch. Savladai Autumn Frost
    Can. Ch. Savladai Easter Bonnet
Can. Ch. Tanaki Savladai Dimond Forever, TT
    Can. Ch. Sirhan Fadeyev
  Can. Ch. Chernigov Tanya Valcliff
    Can. Ch. Majenkir Astarte


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