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Litter #12 - "Borrow"

Can. Ch. Savladai Surprise Witness x Can. Ch. Taugo's Black Eye Susie

Whelped: June 14, 1996

My thanks to Merla Thomson, Taugo Borzoi, Calgary, Alberta for leasing Daisy to me for this litter, producing:

Can. Ch. Savladai Borrowed Harmonies - "Harmony"

Can. Ch. Savladai Borrowed Karizma - "D'Artagnon"

Savladai Beg Borrow Or Steal - "Barrabas"

Savladai Borrowed Trouble - "Baranoff"

Savladai Borrowed From The Gods - "Odin"


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    Can. Ch. Kelemark's Crom's Conquest
  Can. Am. Ch. Savladai Autumn Frost
    Can. Ch. Savladai Easter Bonnet
Can. Ch. Savladai Surprise Witness
    Can. Ch. Leswater's Pushkin
  Keljhenni's Fallon
    Can. Ch. Keljhenni's Chimera
    Can. Am. Ch. Taugo's Vodka On That Rocks
  Taugo's Rudolph Valentino XO
    Can. Ch. Elista's Mystic Spirit
Can. Ch. Taugo's Black Eye Susie
    Am. Can. Ch. Troykov's Noble Thunderbird
  Can. Ch. Savladai Taugo's Bitter Spring
    Can. Ch. Savladai Autumn Burnished Gold, FCh., TT


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